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  • relays out of stock

    It has been a while that the KRP-SCE-24ACDC-1 & KRP-SCE-115ACDC relays have been out of stock what is the ETA on getting them? I have a project that has been expanded and I need more If we cant get these I'll have to replace all of the relays already in the panel, I cant mix them in a new panel. (the customer will not accept that) HELP!


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    11/12/2019 on the 24v one. I cant find the model for the 115v, but there is this one and it is in stock:

    It seems like items have gone OOS much more often this past year, with far longer lead times to get stock than ever before. Hopefully this gets resolved and Automation can get their stock situation under control. And item I wanted a few days ago was out of stock and it is expected to have more in February 2020!!