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Wired vs wireless connection

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  • Wired vs wireless connection

    Please add an option to force all AD software to a WIRED or WIRELESS ethernet port.
    Not only have we wasted hours with failing Viewmarq displays, I just wasted another hour figuring out that I must disable my WIRELESS connection to get my laptop to configure the replacement Viewmarq displays.

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    The term we use at Host Engineering is "Pic-a-NIC" (hey, BooBoo), as in Pick a Network Interface Card.

    Do-more Designer and Net Edit support it for querying Ethernet devices and/or configuring the IP settings for Do-more PLCs, and ECOMs, EBCs, ERMs, GSEDRVs.
    There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who do not.


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      Thanks for the input, franji1.
      I fought viewmarq for about an hour before I thought to disable the wireless. Then I wanted to download the latest rev, so... enable wireless-disabling viewmarq.