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  • Productivity suite suggestions

    The addition of the Task Library feature has been a big time saver for me, thanks for adding it. It would be fantastic if there was find/replace capabilities added into the Tag Conversion window so tags could be renamed in batches. If that can't be done then maybe just making it so the TAB key can be used to cycle through the New Tag Name column.

    Also, I think I asked for this one in the past. Why can't you edit a tag by right clicking on an instruction? It would be a time saver to have an Edit option so you could adjust the tag name, retentive status and so on.

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    Thanks for the post, I have made the Product Manager aware of your requests.
    If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team at 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200. Thank you