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    I absolutely love the Stride MQTT Gateway. This thing is awesome

    In about 2 hours I had 3 Clicks pushing data to my MQTT Broker and a Node-Red interface running. Its absolutely beautiful.

    One thing I'm struggling with... I've got some applications where I'm between automation and Low Power Sensors. So I've got power and a PLC... but I have yet to have IP or cellular connectivity at the location. And if I'm honest... the application doesn't quite yet justify those services (economically speaking). A LoRaWAN Node (similar to the MQTT Gateway) would be AWESOME.

    Here's what I'm envisioning. You make a web interface just like you did on the Stride Gateway. Where I link up the PLCs to the LoRaWAN node. Then we indicate when and how messages are pushed. With the things network, we can only have 1 client ID; so I'll have to figure out how to parse the messages on that end. But to throw this LoRaWAN node in a box at a pump station or grain elevator... and let it push messages through a LoRaWAN gateway... man I could really start pumping out some automation in places I would have never thought.

    Word of caution: don't make a special "automation direct" private LoRa network with private nodes. Too many other devices on the LoRaWAN model coming out that can replace it.

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I'd love to see it happen