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I fought the PAC Suite - the PAC Suite wins.

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  • I fought the PAC Suite - the PAC Suite wins.

    The attachment is a (videoLAN VLC) [MP4] video capture of PAC Suite totally killing it! My rung, that is.

    This post is an FYI to devs and anyone using this version.

    hardware config from sysrep
    Local Group: 0
    Module: P1-540 [base 1 slot 0]
    Module: P1-16ND3 [base 1 slot 1]
    Module: P1-15TD2 [base 1 slot 2]
    Module: P1-16TR [base 1 slot 3]

    PAC Suite

    Granted, it is an older PAC release, and has been running - online - for days. Process Explorer says the start time of this instance is 08:48 on March 18
    I have been making 'mostly' cosmetic and prep-work edits as time permits.
    Yesterday, things that had been working previously, just stopped working.

    After a download attempt, I got the CPU Project Corrupt message. CPU went to STOP mode.
    The P1 lost the 100 Ohms values ( {CV}_OHMS_STORE array ) - yes they are set to be retentive - and have been for the life of this project.
    I put the P1 back in RUN. Then cycled the power.
    Went back online to find that I had multiple duplicate rungs. I did not notice it while making the changes. I had to go back an re-edit them. I hope that I found all of them. :\

    In the working rev, the rungs structures are duplicated, just different tags/values - as I have the 100 'Ohms' values to pump out to (up to ) six P3 CPUs.
    <<Where are the TAGGABLE WX Node fields?>>

    I saved, went offline and started a new PAC session - leaving the offending session open - offline - to get the video capture.
    After opening the project in a new instance of V3.4.0.16, and editing the 'BAD' rungs, I continued. No noticeable GUI issues in the new session.

    Extra info:

    Rung 57, the Array Indexes in the WX instruction are wrong - from previous GUI corruption. Should be local start = 1 local end = 50, remote start = 1 -- as seen in rung 60
    Rung 57 has NO edit indicator in the 'power rail'
    Rung 58, the RHV in the first numeric compare should be 1.
    Rung 58, the {CV}_PublishCurrRack = 222222is for visual in the video capture - really it should be {CV}_PublishCurrRack = 2.
    Rung 60, the RHV in the first numeric compare should be 0.

    I did notice that the editor had become a bit sluggish. I would click on a rung element, the gui would reflow. During the reflow, I had the mouse button clicked down.
    When the reflow completed, whatever element my mouse was on, would move to a new location - even to a new rung/branch - now I had two edits to be UNDOne.

    My thoughts:
    Maybe all the reflow-drag-edit that the sluggish GUI introduced, and the required UNDO operations caused the GUI to lose connections or make invalid connections (i.e. pointers) to/between various rung elements.
    You can see a bit of sluggish reflow in the video at 7 seconds
    It seems that the issue is with the PAC editor and is not directly related to the project - as I do not have this issue with the new PAC instance (same rev
    I attached a system report.
    Attached Files