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P3-550 Ethernet comms - and dataview issues

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  • P3-550 Ethernet comms - and dataview issues

    This project's process equipment has several P3-550 controllers that intermittently communicate large amounts of data.
    The *master* controller (called DATAPAC) has a rather large program (the .adpro filesize is 1.4M and the .csv filesize is 5.172M.)
    FW / SW
    I have stayed with this FW/SW rev level because I am familiar with its quirks and issues. Newer revs has other issues for which I don't have time to develop workarounds.

    Infrequently, DATAPAC loses communications with one or more of the other controllers in the process, usually following an editing session with multiple downloads to DATAPAC.
    My protocol is "When stupid things start happening, CyclePower on DATAPAC." A simple STOP/RUN transition will not fix the comms issue.
    This is not a new issue.

    Yesterday DATAPAC failed to read (RX) a prox switch from another machine PAC.
    No amount of bit twiddling would cause the RX to return the correct switch state.
    A power cycle did fix it.

    Today, I connected to DATAPAC and a couple dataviews would not allow editing of tag values.
    The tag value EDIT column would neither indicate 'EDIT MODE' of numeric tags nor allow checkboxes to be toggled.
    Terminating and restarting the software did fix it.