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Tutorial For Do-more EtherNet/IP Explicit Client with Cognex Camera

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  • Tutorial For Do-more EtherNet/IP Explicit Client with Cognex Camera

    Is there any Tutorial For Do-more EtherNet/IP Explicit Client with a Cognex Camera.

    I have seen the one which was made for connecting to the PowerFlex40 VFD, and I was wondering if you made anything to connect with a cognex camera.


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    Don't know if anything exists, but I seem to remember that ControlsGuy has connected Do-more EIP to a Cognex and it worked well. Maybe he'll chime in with some detail.


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      In this thread about Do-More to Cognex comms, I posted a ZIP file containing a base Do-More program, an InSight JOB file (for a 7402), and a printout of Cognex's EIP object model docs.

      There's no actual vision app there, just some spreadsheet cells that represent the inspection config and data you want to read and write, and the Do-More program that accesses them.

      I suggest loading those up and watching them work. That's probably the easiest way to understand it, and then you can modify to suit your application.


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        DoMore with Cognex camera

        Thanks for the help and very useful information.

        I was able to connect the camera to the DoMore PLC.
        I am indexing a table and triggering the camera 4 times on each index.
        Using Ethernet IP, I can see 4 triggers and Pass/Fail on the DoMore.

        I am unable to see the individual triggers, just the total of 4 and the last pass/fail result.

        Does anyone know how to set the DoMore up to see an Array of Byte, so I can get individual results.



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          The sample already exchanges multiple 16-bit integers between InSight and Do-More, although you can certainly configure InSight for bytes, or 32-bit words, or floats, or ASCII, or whatever you want (or any mixture of those types). The example just shows how to get data from a range of spreadsheet cells to Do-More memory, and how to send data from Do-More memory to receiving cells in the spreadsheet. You use both the incoming and outgoing cells for whatever you want, whether it be pass/fail results, inspection values or measurements, OCRed text or barcode or whatever in the outgoing, or various values to customize the inspections in the incoming. That all comes from knowing how to use InSight.

          But, why are you triggering four times and completing four inspections before communicating with the camera? I can't think of a reason to do it that way. I'm not sure I could make that work. Normally you want to get the results each time you do an inspection. The way you're doing it, I think you're going to have a hard time not overwriting the first inspection results.

          Finally, I often don't even establish a pass/fail in the camera. I tend to send back the inspection results, whether it be a count, position, size, characters from a bar code or OCR'ed text string, inspection score, statistical histogram values or whatever. Whatever is of interest to the inspection controller (PLC). (And remember, you can mix 8, 16, and 32-bit integers, characters, and floats freely) You can get as many values per inspection as you want, and sending back the values rather than a pass/fail allows you to set the threshold in the PLC (and thus adjust it in the HMI), and track values over time and do statistical analysis, etc. (If you're passing 99% of all parts, is the one an anomaly or does it just barely fail and the other 99 just barely pass? Do they all fail for the same test, or are the failures distributed? etc.) If you abandon all that stuff in the camera, it's just gone and you get no value out of it.
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