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    It would be handy if the subroutines that I have open, are tabbed across the top of the monitoring widow, so I can go from one to another, without having to pick them again from the directory tree. Also, is there a way to have all my logic default to "monitor"?
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    Tabbed ladder tasks is on the list of improvements, been defined, and is next on the list for development. We have a several major improvements coming to GUI in the next couple of releases.

    To enable 'monitor' globally you can make that selection in Tools -> Options -> Ladder tab, the under 'editor display options' make sure Monitor Mode is selected.
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      Does this enable monitor mode for ALL open task windows, or enable/disable MONITOR mode as they get focus.
      I can imagine the GUI tanking (with some of my stuff) if I enable it and the former is true.

      I don't have anything available to test it.


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        If you take a look at topic P243 there is a good note describing the limitation (see attached)
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          Fix for sending Email

          How about a fix for sending email from the P2 and P3 PLC's. Right now we cannot change ports or use authentication. We use AuthSMTP which works well with a lot of systems but we have our hands tied on being able to send email from the controller. Right now we have to add a Red Lion DSP just to act as an alarm email client.



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            Second! I've been fighting a Raspberry Pi to handle email from a PxK, and I'm dying to see this feature integrated! We know it's not a lack of horsepower!


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              Thank you for your suggestion. I have contacted the Product Engineer regarding the email functionality and a solution is in the works. Thanks again.
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                More Productivity Suite Suggestions

                I just ported a large Allen-Bradley program (1100+ rungs, 3 remote racks) over to the PAC3000 for a customer (they have always been 100% A-B, but were willing to try this- long story).

                So, this is my first "from scratch" program with this software (preciously just edited existing programs or did troubleshooting) and there are some big efficiency problems with coding.

                1) It is easy to create tags, but only partially. After creating the tag name, you still have to open the tag database, find the tag, then enter the Tag Comment and set any specific attributes. At a minimum, you should be able to right-click an instruction and have it open the tag database with that tag highlighted. This is the biggest complaint and time-consumer. (I don't know of many programmers that use Instruction Comments, exclusive of the Tag Comment)

                2) Tabbed windows for the tasks would be convenient.

                3) A FORWARD and BACK arrow (like in a browser) to go to previous tasks and rung views

                4) Select and copy of multiple instructions on a rung would save time.

                5) Allow Importing of tags without an assigned System ID number- let the program automatically assign the ID number as part of the import process.

                There are a few other quirks in the program, but they are not big issues. And, there are very many great features and powerful instructions. The program is user-friendly.

                However, for someone trying to crank out a lot of code, and especially integrators, I believe these features would be a huge help.


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                  Thanks for the feedback, answers to your questions:

                  #1: Good idea. I will enter this into our improvement database.
                  #2: Already on the list of improvements.
                  #3: Good idea. I will enter this into our improvement database.
                  #4: This can already be done in the latest version, if you hold down the ctrl key then left click on instructions, they will then be highlighted, then right click copy and then paste on another rung.
                  #5: Already on the list of improvements.


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                    I'd like to be able to make tags in the tag editor that use your structure:

                    Setting 1
                    Setting 2
                    Setting 3

                    Where XX is the number of recipes I'd like to store.
                    If you've done the very best you can, worrying won't make it any better - Walt Disney