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    I want MORE retentive tags AND/OR read/write to a MEMORY MODULE (NOT SIMPLE DATALOGGING)

    [RESOLVED] I want MORE tags - I got a compiler error stating that I attempted to create MORE THAN 1000 Boolean Tags.
    For a controller that supports MORE than 100,000 I/O Points, Why limit to 1000 BIT TAGS?

    (Feature request)I want MORE COMMS protocol support ( REAL Ethernet IP, not simply MODBUS) [2014-08-14 V1.10.0.11 release notes indicate that this is NOW!]
    I want to send STRINGS out the ethernet port. IMPLEMENTED
    I want to be able to send Array AND Non-Array tags in the same WX instruction.

    I am tired of constantly Re-Reading remote Project files in network communication instructions! What causes this? RESOLVED
    Network Comms dialog > Read >(Select Project Directory dialog does NOT stay on top of Network Comms Dialog)

    (Feature request)I want a RADIO-BUTTON in the CPU config dialog that PREVENTS OVERWRITING THE COMM PORT SETUP - NO MATTER WHAT!

    (Feature request)I want READ ACCESS to the local CPU IP address.
    (Feature request)I want the Network Comms instruction to support STRING Tags in the IP Address field. -- If you have to create a NEW TAG Datatype, I would WELCOME THAT!
    I want the Tag Database to REUSE deleted System IDs. I have heard the argument that ALL DATABASE SOFTWARE does NOT reuse them, but SO WHAT?
    (Feature request) I want the PAC to support ARRAY COMPARE. I do not want to LOOP through as I currently do.
    The arrays would HAVE To be the SAME SIZE and DATAYPE. The outputs would include (x) ALL SAME (x)None Same OR return index of FIRST DIFFERENCE.

    -------------MORE TO COME-------------
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Some of these are already in the works for future releases.


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      Thanks for all the great suggestions & feedback for the Productivity Suite Software. In addition, for future releases of the software, please ensure you are signed up for our software update notifications, to see what new features got added.

      I am responding to one of your questions:

      Question: I want MORE tags - I got a compiler error stating that I attempted to create MORE THAN 1000 Boolean Tags. For a controller that supports MORE than 100,000 I/O Points, Why limit to 1000 BIT TAGS?

      Answer: When creating tags in the tag database, it will limit you to adding <1000 tags at one time. But you can have a unlimited number of bool tags in your project, only limited by memory.


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        Thank you. The error message came when I was attempting to transfer TO the PAC. After MANUALLY compiling.
        So, this indicates a difference in compiling by clicking the ICON and the auto compiling before transfer.


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          More coming NOW

          FYI: WIN 7 64-bit HP something laptop Core i5. Productivity Suite V1.4.1

          DataWorx instruction DWX returns "Complete" bit even when slave device is NOT connected.
          Forum attachment uploader is pitifully sloooooooooooow! OK Now

          NET COMM instructions (mwx,mrx,wx,rx) [I am assuming all net comms instructions] 'Reading' a project, when the 'Select the Project Directory' dialog is showing,
          click OFF of the 'Select the Project Directory' dialog, this dialog goes BEHIND the NET COMMS instruction. The NET COMM instruction seems unresponsive.... Press [ESC] to correct.
          The 'Select the Project Directory' dialog is NOT ALWAYS ON TOP.\

          Why allow edit of NOP and END?

          IF Productivity Suite is minimized and closed, it opens MINIMIZED. [2014-08-14 V1.10.0.11 Still does]

          Import dialog needs to show activity. [2014-08-14 V1.10.0.11 Still doesn't]

          NEW TAGS do not show up in the ladder instruction tag dropdown list. Clicking OFF of the NEW TAG entry in the Tag Database. NOT 100% reproducible. [2014-08-14 V1.10.0.11 May be resolved, now that the Add Tags dialog is MODAL!]

          (Feature Request) Allow IN-PLACE editing of TASK names in the Task Management panel and ladder instructions in tasks. Why have a dialog that pops up in a totally unrelated screen position - OR on another screen from where I am working.
          A slow double-click like in Windows.

          (Feature Request) Allow file open/save dialog to drag/drop/copy/paste files as real windows does.

          TASK Properties dialog - clicking OK clears highlight of currently selected task.[2014-08-14 V1.10.0.11 Still does]

          PRINTER DRIVER - Need I say more?

          EDITOR - Allow me to select Task screen font. I would like to experiment with ladder visibility.
          (Feature Request) Search/Replace - allow search for INSTRUCTION. i.e. search for all WX instructions or all TASK CALLS. Thank you!!

          (Feature Request) TASK MANAGEMENT Allow Collapsible Task Groups

          (Feature Request) ALLOW transfer of PROJECT and DATA separately. Maybe in TAG DATABASE have checkbox column named DATA. Similar to the RETENTIVE column. This would mean that these checked DATA tags could be transferred independently from project. This would mean TO/FROM PC/USB/PAC. Transferred data saved to storage device as CSV file, that we could edit in excel.

          Monitor mode is inconsistent. Could be COMMS. Sometimes requires a Transfer TO PAC to work again. Sometimes simply OFFLINE/ONLINE transition. Seems better
          DataView, sometimes whole DataView pages are NOT editable. Same response as if the project is transferred FROM PAC with invalid tagnames in the dataview page -- OR Same response as if OFFLINE, but other dataview pages work.

          (Feature Request) IF POSSIBLE, allow array to be index into another array. i.e. Array1(Array2(TempInt))
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            (Feature Request) The Window menu should have a flyout menu that allows you to select which OPEN task to view.
            Previous Window and Next Window just doesn't quite do it for me.
            Last edited by kewakl; 07-14-2011, 12:41 PM. Reason: (Feature Request)


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              OK, thanks. You are correct currently there is a limit of 1000 on Bool (C memory) in version, this will be corrected in the next version, but we currently do not have a release date.


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                Find replace

                I would like to see a label that would tell me if im looking at a source or destination when i do a search

                ex. When i do a search for an array tag. It comes up with all the rungs its on so i have to go clicking to see if its filling something or getting filled


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                  (Feature Request) Add method to request the serial number of the modules in a particular slot.
                  I know that I can query each Base/Group/Slot for the module name, but at commissioning I want to be able to take a snapshot of the EXACT modules in the system.
                  Maybe another System String tag : [Identify Module Serial Number] new SSTR-000104?

                  I have other things that I would like to do with this information.


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                    (Feature Request) CONSTANT Tag datatype.
                    Reason: [Non-Constant Index not allowed in TAG for RX/WX]

                    I communicate with several networked PACs. Each of these PAC ALSO communicates with a *third-party supplied* PAC.
                    I want to comm with the PAC nodes using the same series of Conveyor Zones that the third-party PAC uses, BUT I also need to use our *internal* node arrangement.

                    Ex. The Conveyor Zone is 22, but my internal Test Station Node number is 5.
                    This is because some zones are simply for product staging (controlled by the third-party PAC.)
                    I can read the state of the conveyor motor and prox from the conveyor PAC, read RFID data from Station 5, then provide Product Test Parameters to Test Station 5.
                    My Test Station Node 5, TestSta(5) is in Conveyor Zone 22, CVY.MTR(22) and CVY.PRX(22)

                    Currently I must use CVY.PRX(22), CVY.MTR(22) and TestSta(5). Imagine being the new guy!

                    With a few CONSTANT Tags,
                    CVY_Sta5  = "22"
                    Node_Sta5 = "5"
                    I could use the following array/references in RX/WX instructions.
                    CVY.MTR(CVY_Sta5), CVY.PRX(CVY_Sta5),TestSta(Node_Sta5)
                    And all tags would reference hardware at test station 5.
                    This would help my code be more 'Self-Documenting" and I would NOT require a Test Station<->Conveyor Zone map.

                    Thank you.