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PAC 3000 v1.5.0(21) VS v1.5.1(2) (Save, Compile/Transfer times)

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  • PAC 3000 v1.5.0(21) VS v1.5.1(2) (Save, Compile/Transfer times)

    After having success with this version retaining remote project tags, I am hesitant to move to v1.5.1(2).
    Anyone using 1.5.1(2) please respond.

    V1.5.0(21) takes an unusually long time to save or compile/transfer.
    At first, it was OK! But when making small changes, I do not like waiting 2-3 minutes for the progress dialog to *finish* compiling. It stays at 45-48% for most of the time. Manual compiling takes a second or 2.

    Q: Does v1.5.1(2) resolve this issue? If so, I'll buck up and update!

    ----------------------pc specs----------------------
    HP ProBook 2540s
    Win 7 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Core i5 M450 @2.4Ghz
    6.0 GB RAM
    Hitachi 460+ GB HDD 196 GB Free
    ----------------------pc specs----------------------
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    Sorry for the delay...
    I am working with Tech Support on this.
    I will post any progress as we make it.


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      Partial Resolution

      I have been working with A-D Tech Support on this.

      4 minute project load from disk
      7-8 minute saves (online AND offline)
      7-8 minute Run Mode transfers
      ~20 MINUTE Stop Mode transfers
      jerky software response

      It seems that multiple array tags in the dataview will KILL performance.

      Let's see what else I can break!


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        I have made an interesting observation.
        I HAD large blocks of *missing* system IDs in the Tag Database.
        I manually imported a lot of the missing tags. Now the tag database is more contiguous.
        I can (run mode)transfer/save/load the project in about 15 seconds.
        I have not tried a Stop Mode transfer.