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Don't want to get scared again! Productivity Suite 1.6.0(19) rung corruption?

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  • Don't want to get scared again! Productivity Suite 1.6.0(19) rung corruption?

    July 2011, using Productivity Suite V1.4.1(1), we experienced rung corruption when compiling a project with an empty sub-rung.
    The problem was reproducible -- although through a convoluted process
    1. Copy a rung that has an empty sub rung.
    2. Paste copy a few rungs down.
    3. Compile.

    The pasted rung would disappear.
    The rung above the pasted rung would be *duplicated* in place of the previously pasted rung.
    By *duplicated*, I mean copied in every way.
    If a contact or output was changed in either rung, the same contact/output in the other rung would also change.
    We worked with AD TECH. We have not seen this again.
    Try it yourself. See attachment. (small project - V1.4.1(1))
    Copy rung 2 to rung 4. Compile.

    Now, with that said...
    I don't want to get scared again, BUT...
    this morning, using V1.6.0(19), I got alarmed.
    I was attempting to add a parallel output.
    The vertical bar did NOT attach to the desired rung.
    All other rungs in that task got the unattached vertical bar also.
    Tag names were superimposed over output coils.
    A compile fixed it the screen layout.
    I hope that this was just a screen rendering problem.

    The PAC software has been running since yesterday, so I restarted the software and cannot reproduce this -- yet.
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    Please contact technical support with the details of your issue.
    If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team. Technical Support: 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200 Email Tech Support


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      Unfortunately all details have been stated.
      After a software restart, I have not duplicated this.
      I will keep a lookout for it. Was not easy to miss when this happened.

      Hey, AAA, you do know it IS Saturday! Right?