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PAC 3000 Import From DL05

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  • PAC 3000 Import From DL05

    This is probably a huge stretch, but I was wondering if there is a way to export my project from a DL05 and import it into my PAC 3000.

    I realize the structure of the file exported by DirectSoft and Productivity are very different. I also realize the DL05 is not tag based.

    I could probably build a simple application to take my DirectSoft export and put it into the format Productivity wants.

    I am hoping someone has built a simple application or has a better solution?


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    PAC import from 05

    Importing a DirectLogic program into a P3000 project is not supported. It is possible, just need to do a little work to get the files into the correct format for the P3000.

    I have attached a couple of .csv files to give an example of how you would export 2 boolean tags from an 05 and then modify the P3000 tag import.
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      What I am going to do is write a simple program that does the conversion.

      When I finish, I will post it here (with source code) for anyone else looking to do the same thing.

      Thanks again,


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        That would be really nice. I have a large 450 system that I hope to upgrade to the PAC someday and being able to export the program from the 450 and import it into the PAC would save a lot of beating my head on the table (and lower my beer bill).