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PAC 3000 More Flexible Ethernet

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  • PAC 3000 More Flexible Ethernet

    I would like the Ethernet to be more flexible.

    I would like the 'Local Ethernet' port to be fully functional. I have many Modbus TCP external devices not made by AD that I would like to use this port for and use the standard 'External Ethernet' port for HMI, programming, etc.

    I would like the IP addresses of both ports configurable in ladder logic for 2 reasons:

    1) I have had a factory with 5 identical machines except for their IP addresses. I could give the customer a single USB flash drive and by selecting the machine number via a P3-16SIM or jumpers, the IP would would configure itself. There would be no more confusion of which USB Flash goes with which machine.

    2) I have some large industrial customers with huge campuses wherein every ethernet connection is managed, including those needed for remote I/O. I was unable to utilize a PAC because I couldn't change the IP address of the 'Local Ethernet' port

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    We have discussed #1 before as well as making the Remote I/O port more flexible. I will bring it up again.

    For #2 the Remote I/O was done that way for a reason. It is designed to be used on a separate network where it is the only residing set of devices. I can bring it up, but I doubt that it will get much traction due to the way it was initially designed. Note that I am not saying that we can't or won't consider it, just that there are a lot of technical hurdles that would have to be overcome.
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