AutomationDirect has added linear and rotary shafts to its line of mechanical power transmission products. SureMotion® precision ground linear shafts are available in C1060 medium-carbon steel or 440C stainless steel. The linear shafts are available in 12, 24, 36-inch lengths and 0.5", 0.75", 1.0" diameters. SureMotion linear shaft supports, offer superior shaft holding strength and are available in standard-height 6061 T6 black and low-profile 6061 T6 gray hard-anodized aluminum designs. The removable-top design allows easy removal of the shaft while maintaining alignment. SureMotion hardened rotary shafts are precision ground for exceptional straightness, and accurate diameters. Models are available in diameters up to 3/4 inch and precut lengths up to 36 inches. 303 stainless steel grooved rotary shafts are available in 3" to 12" lengths, are grooved for retaining rings with spacing to fit typical bearings. Please see the following link for additional product detail, price and availability: