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July 2018 - SureStep Integrated Stepper Motors and Drives

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  • July 2018 - SureStep Integrated Stepper Motors and Drives

    AutomationDirect has added Integrated motors and drives to its SureStep® line of stepper motion control products. Integrated stepper motor/drives save panel space, require less wiring and are less expensive. The new SureStep® integrated drive/motor units provide accurate micro-stepping position, speed control and require only 2 components, power supply and integrated stepper motor/drive. Standard and Advanced motor/drives are available. The advanced motor/drives can operate with traditional high-speed inputs, but can also be commanded via 0-5V analog input. An internal indexer can accomplish point-to-point moves controlled via ASCII communication. Free SureMotion Pro drive configuration software is available for Advanced integrated motor/drives to easily configure and setup the drive, including drive, motion control mode, I/O, and motor. A Status Monitor screen aids in troubleshooting alarms and faults. Please select the following link for further product details, pricing and available: