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November 2018 - Modular MOSAIC Safety Controllers

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  • November 2018 - Modular MOSAIC Safety Controllers

    The ReeR MOSAIC safety controller system is modular, expandable and configurable for managing all safety functions of a single machine or an entire plant. As a stand-alone, the master MOSAIC module has 8 inputs, 2 safety outputs, 2 status outputs and 2 inputs for Start/Stop interlock (RST) and external device monitoring (EDM). By adding up to 14 expansion modules, the safety controller system can have up to 128 inputs, 16 safety outputs, 16 RST/EDM inputs, 32 status outputs, and EtherNet/IP or MODBUS TCP/IP connectivity. MOSAIC reduces number of devices and wiring used, the size of the project and speeds up control panel construction. All logic is configured through a pictorial interface, and by lowering the number of electromechanical components, higher safety levels are achieved. Please see the following link for more details: