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January 2019 - Comepi 22 mm Pushbutton Ease-of-Use Legend Plates

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  • January 2019 - Comepi 22 mm Pushbutton Ease-of-Use Legend Plates

    We are pleased to announce the release of the new 22mm legend plates which are available in both metal and plastic. Some special purpose 22mm pushbutton legend plates require a locator notch to be filed off in order for the legend to fit over standard pushbuttons. With no filing required, these new legend plates offer ease-of-use with all 22mm pushbutton devices. Plastic legend plates have white engraved text on a black or red background. Aluminum legend plates have a black or red field with silver background. Two sizes of legend plates are available: 30mm W x 45mm H standard, and jumbo at 40mm W x 45mm H. Over 50 text legends are available in black and EMERG. STOP and STOP are also available in red. Blank plates are available in red and black. These new 22mm legend plates are $3.50 each with O-ring included, and are CE approved and have a 1-year warranty.

    Please see the following link for more details including additional features, technical specifications, pricing and availability: