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April 2020 - Safety Light Curtain Columns and Mirrors

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  • April 2020 - Safety Light Curtain Columns and Mirrors

    Introducing new styles of mirrors and safety columns for Contrinex safety curtains (machine safety light barriers). Safety light curtains are used for human protection and product/machine safety. Contrinex safety curtains provide finger, hand and body protection (access control). Three series of safety light curtains are available. Light curtains with 14mm resolution provide finger safe protection, curtains with 30mm resolution for hand safe protection and light curtains with 300 or 400mm beam gap provide body safe protection. All safety light curtains have Type 4 and Cat 4 PL e safety ratings and are IP65 rated. The new versions of light curtain mirror columns offer multi-sided safe guarding of danger zones and protective columns allow radial and vertical alignment.

    Please see the following link for additional details:

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