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P1AM Getting Started

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  • P1AM Getting Started

    Please Read Before Proceeding

    The P1AM-100 controller is designed to be programmed with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The Arduino environment is open source and was not developed by AutomationDirect. While we do provide Productivity1000 I/O hardware specific examples and other basic example code, we do not provide custom application specific programming support. Please utilize our community forum or other Arduino community forums for application specific assistance with programming.

    Below are descriptions and links to several repositories that we have put in GitHub as well as links you will need for downloading software to help you get started using the ProductivityOpen P1AM-100 product:

    1) Arduino IDE and Library
    a) Download and Install the Arduino IDE - Click HERE(Aurduino IDE Download) to download the Arduino IDE software that will be needed to program the ProductivityOpen P1AM- 100. Then proceed to the GitHub P1AM Library.

    b) P1AM Library - This is a repository containing the necessary source code files for accessing the Productivity1000 I/O modules, several examples to help illustrate the usage of these library functions, and links to the required Arduino IDE.

    2) ProductivityBlocks Software - This is a repository for our ProductivityBlocks open source block programming tool for the Arduino IDE, which is designed to work with the ProductivityOpen P1AM-100 library to program a P1AM CPU.

    NOTE: The Arduino IDE is required to work in conjunction with the ProductivityBlocks Software. The ProductivityBlocks software cannot work without the Arduino IDE.

    3) P1AM- Documentation - This is a repository with product overviews, I/O configuration tool, and device functions for the ProductivityOpen CPU, shields, and Productivity 1000 I/O modules.

    4) P1AM Design Files- This is a repository for our P1AM CPU block diagram schematic, shield schematics, & PCB gerber files.
    5) P1AM Hardware Configuration Tool - Interactive Hardware Configuration Tool - Use the interactive configurator tool on our webstore to quickly configure your ProductivityOpen system to your specifications. Simply choose the power supply, I/O modules and shields you require with the connection options you prefer and send the selected parts right to the shopping cart.
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    This.. Is.. Awesome!


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      Thanks Nate!

      The Open Source controller is a new type of product for ADC. Product support for the Open Source type products is generally done through online community forums and repositories. As with most Open Source communities, we encourage users to participate and help each other. Since we are new to this we appreciate any feedback we can get to make the online and community product support better for the ProductivityOpen P1AM-100.
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        I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of those starter kits for my test bench!


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          Maybe Facts/AD should consider a submission to the arduino unofficial 3rd party page


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            Originally posted by kewakl View Post
            Maybe Facts/AD should consider a submission to the arduino unofficial 3rd party page
            Just added it in, thanks!


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              It's there any plans for ladder programming in the future.


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                There are currently no plans to add ladder programming to the P1AM-100. For a graphical programming option you can check out Productivity Blocks.
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                  Please consider putting in a request with platformio so they can add support for the P1AM-100.
                  This would enable code creation with several alternatives to the Arduino IDE.


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                    Thanks for the feedback. I will forward your request to our Product Management team.


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                      I'll look at getting a request in there for our board.

                      For now, if you want to get the P1AM-100 in Platformio:
                      1. Install the MKRZERO board by creating a program with that as the target.
                      2. Download and rename the attached file to "P1AM_100.json"
                      3. Navigate to this path(but with your username) in file explorer: C:\Users\USERNAME\.platformio\platforms\atmelsam\b oards
                      4. Drop in the json file there and you should be good to go. I just did a quick test and uploaded blink to verify with those steps.
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                        That is great info, thank you for sharing.


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                          Link to ProductivityBlocks releases.

                          An open source block programming tool for Arduino. - AutomationDirect/ProductivityBlocks


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                            Are instructions available for installation of ProductivityBlocks, for the Arduino IDE, on a linux (mint 19.3) PC?