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    I have been using Productivity Blocks, and it seems to do a good job. There are a few things I am struggling to find how to do:
    • Include Libraries - I can manually add libraries to the generated sketch, but can't seem to determine how to do it thru PB (Productivity Blocks)
    • Variable qualifier - Again, I can manually edit the sketch, but cannot seem to determine how to declare variable thru PB as "volatile"
    • When defining a variable as a class as in "MyClass mc = MyClass(3)", I can enter in the sketch, but not thru PB
    Any suggestions. I do like the program but would prefer not having to re-edit the PB every time I make a change.

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    There are no blocks that automatically
    1. Include libraries
    2. Qualify variables
    3. Instantiate user-defined/library-defined objects

    However, all of these C++ language features are accessible via C++ Code Blocks.
    If a user would like to enter C++ code that remains in the block program without retyping it, this is the solution.
    1. Include libraries in the ‘C++ Declarations’ block
    2. Qualify variables with ’C++ Code Line’ blocks
    3. Instantiate objects with ‘C++ Code Line’ blocks

    The large C++ Code Block can be used to write large portions of code that will save and remain in the block program.