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FACTS P1AM Example Series #2 - Web Server Analog Input

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  • FACTS P1AM Example Series #2 - Web Server Analog Input

    In case you haven't subscribed to ADC's youtube channel, they are running a P1AM giveaway until March 12th. Watch the video here for information on how to enter:

    This example uses the P1AM-ETH shield to create a webserver that displays the input values of a P1-04ADL-2 to a webpage.
    You can visit this webpage by entering it's IP address in a browser. the default address is
    This page will display the readings of all 4 channels in volts and in counts.

    You can find information on the P1-04ADL-2 and other modules here:

    The analog input module we used is the P1-04ADL-2, though you can easily use any analog or discrete module as long as you tweak
    the conversions for your range and resolution.
    If you use another input module you may find our configuration tool handy for setting ranges:

    This example can easily be changed to display multiple modules and their data. This is great for any sort of remote monitoring you might want.
    If you're comfortable with basic web development you can spruce up the website and add plenty of features of your own design.

    P1AM - In the library manager or or on GitHub:

    Products Used:

    Check out the code here:
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