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P1AM LED Blinking Slowly/Unable To Upload Sketch

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    Try updating to 1.8.12, 1.8.11 gave me a bunch of trouble. They actually released 12 a couple weeks later because of the issues in 11.

    Programmer is only used for flashing blank chips, we don't use it on the P1AM-100.

    Does it freeze up if you upload blink to it a couple times? Or do you only get one of those too?


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      Updated to Arduino IDE 1.8.12, might be a tad better but still has issues.

      Any code can only be uploaded once, then must do a power cycle and sometimes a RESET then its ready to load the next code.


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        After upload is it stuck in that breathing state still?

        And maybe give this a shot:
        The MKR boards re-enumerate as a different com device during the upload process, I've seen Arduino get confused if this is too slow.

        I'm not a regular Linux user, so I may be missing something obvious as well. I'm trying to dig around forums to similar posts. When you do so, I would recommend looking up similar issues with "SAMD" or "MKR" to see what solutions are recommended. For this sort of problem, we are more or less identical.


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          Awesome! The instructions on that link seem to have completely taken care of the problem.

          I can now upload as many times as I want and the Serial Monitor works perfectly.

          Appreciate your effort in this.


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            No problem, glad to hear everything is good to go now!


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              Originally posted by ADC_CommTeam01 View Post
              When you watch your usb devices in device manager while plugging up the device do you see any new devices populating? If not then possible issue with cable, P1 port, or pc port.
              If a new device displays see if it has a symbol on it. If so updating usb driver may be necessary.( if there is a problem it may show up in Universal Serial Bus COntrollers)
              If a new device displays with no symbols click on it and see what port it gets assigns. ( If it does install it should show up in Ports(Com & LPT) )
              The controller would not appear at all. Not even in device manager. In the end I got a replacement board and I am back off to the races.