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c-more and do-more H2 processor

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  • c-more and do-more H2 processor


    I am having difficulty connecting a c-more panel to the Rs-232 port on a H2-DM1E.

    I have both the serial port and the panel at 9600 baud 8 data 1 stop odd parity on a Ea-2CBL cable

    C-more software is ve 2.76 with native do-more driver.

    Keep getting a PLC-001 timeout No flashes on Tx or Rx LED

    Anyone have an idea?



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    On PLC->System Configuration, CPU page, make sure the internal serial port is configured for Do-more Programming. This is the default, but I just want to make sure you hadn't tweaked it to Modbus or General Purpose or ???.
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      Yes set to Do-more progrogramming


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        Reset everything and now I see tx and rx blinking in unison on both the panel and plc. Still no comunucation though. PLC-001 timeout


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          Have the same setup on my test bench, and couldn't get it work. Could get them to talk in K-sequence. After some tinkering found the following settings made it work for native do more protocol:

          Turn Parity to None
          Transmit Control: Unconditional
          RTS: Follows Transmitter

          I think we just found a bug in the software?

          Like clockwork, if I set the internal port of the Do-More to Odd Parity it will not talk to the C-More in Do-More protocol, but however if they are both set to Odd then it works with K-Sequence...v
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            For peace of mind, I set up an H2-DME1 internal serial for Do-more/9600/8/1/Odd and connected with works fine. Have not tried it with C-more, however...


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              I have C-more and DoMore both set up using the DoMore Protocol.

              I have tested with both set to:

              Baud: 9600 and 38400
              Data Bits 8
              Stop Bits 1
              Parity: None and Odd
              Transmit Control: Unconditional
              RTS Control: Follows Transmitter

              No errors, communicating with no issue.

              Using C, D, V and N memory types.

              C-more version 2.76

              DoMore Software version 1.0.2

              DoMore Hardware
              OS version 1.07
              Booter version 3.04
              FPGA version 3.3
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