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Is there a better way to change tags assigned to object groups...

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  • Is there a better way to change tags assigned to object groups...

    ...than the obvious but tedious one in Cmore?

    Given 40-50 object group widgets, with multiple tags in each group, is there some way to do a fast, search and replace on tagnames? What with hidden objects, etc., this is just plain painful. I can export my object library, but I have no idea how, if possible, to edit them outside and import them back.

    I can go to Tagname Database and edit both the tagname and address there and the new info is reflected in the object. If I import the tagnames I want, I still have 40-50 objects all identical and a bunch of unused tagnames.

    Example Widget 01
    Start PB 01 C01
    Stop PB 01 C02
    Run PL 01 C03

    Group, copy and paste and I have 2 identical start/stop/run widgets. I'm looking for a quick way to make all of the tagnames for the second widget Start PB 02, etc. I don't really care about the addresses as that is easy to fix in Excel after I get the right tagnames assigned to the right objects.

    So if anyone even understands what I am trying to ask, is there any way to do this?

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    I just looked into this again with Version 6.30. I found this is close to what I need.

    Create a widget with tag names that are indexed:

    Widget 00 PB1
    Widget 00 PB2
    Widget 00 PL1

    Group it then right click and choose Object -> Library
    Give it a name such as Widget00
    I chose to save the tags.
    Delete the widget from the screen (to get the Group ID reset, this is an empty project as this point.)
    Now drag the widget from the User Object Library Parts List back to the screen.

    Open the Tag Name Database and click on the Replace icon.
    Find What: Widget 00
    Replace With: Widget 01
    Replace All

    If you have any Text Objects, you get to edit those manually (using Object Layer List and Property List helps.)

    Now you can go drag a second Widget00 onto the screen, Search and replace on Widget 00 with Widget 02, etc.

    Last, export the Tag Name database and correct the addresses in a spreadsheet and re-import.

    Not the easiest thing in the world, but better than version 5.12 offered (what I had at home but did not want to install MS stuff v6.xx needs.)

    But be sure your widget isn't going to need revisions because I know of no way yet to inherit attributes after they are in the project.


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      I was recently trying to accomplish the same thing. Your process definitely works. Your first post states you are exporting the object database. Did you mean the tag database? I cannot find a way to access the object database, let alone export it. What type of file is it exporting the object database as?

      Good stuff but it seems they could still make it a little easier on us.
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        File > Export > Library then Object Library tick box.

        It exports as a .olb9 file that I don't know how to do anything with except import it back again.


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          Thanks I was able to export the library. I tried opening the .olb9 file with various text editors and development environments and they returned nothing useful. It would be nice if AD would provide an object database within CMore that we could export and edit as a .csv. Until then, I'll just continue as I have been I guess.