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Click with a Vorne serial display

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  • Click with a Vorne serial display

    I have an old Vorne 2009S display that was removed from a system a while ago and it was working when stored for a few months. I just got a click plc to make a new system and I am unable to get anything to display on the Vorne. I would like some help making sure I have things set up correctly or if the display has failed.

    I am using a CO-11-DRE-D coming off the 485 port "port 3" with the + going to the Vorne serial in + and the LG to the serial in -
    I have tried it with and without the 120ohm termination resistor, and verified the dip switches match my port settings.
    I feel like my issue may be in the send command as I am not familiar with that but I have it set to ASCII and put my message in quotes, and added the CR option.

    Here is the display's manual for reference.