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CMore to Unidrive M700 via Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP

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  • CMore to Unidrive M700 via Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP

    Has anyone tried this? In the past I have used CMore HMIs with Unidrive SPs and Commander SKs with great success but I'm not having much luck with this.

    1) Using a static address on the M700 ( CMore = Both subnets are set to
    2) Using Modicon Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet driver on the HMI.
    3) Using a straight Ethernet cable.
    4) Ping test from CMore are ok, receiving replies from the drive. Protocol tests failed.

    Any assistance with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    Which panel? Which sw Rev? Device slave?
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      "Device Slave?" - I'm going to say slave. Here is the panel model, software rev, etc.

      Click image for larger version

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        'Device Slave' I used this term because the M700 is NOT a PLC, so asking the PLC Slave Number seemed kinda awkward.
        In cmore software, panel manager, look at the ethernet port setup. What is the number in the PLC Slave Number field? Does this number match the (node?) port configuration on the M700?


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          The HMI PLC Slave # is set to 1 and the PLC port is set to 502. The drive's Modbus Listening Port is also set to 502 but I cannot find a slave port parameter. I will continue to look.


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            Try setting the "PLC Slave Number" to 255 in the Panel Manager settings of the C-more programming software for the Modbus TCP driver. Found a blurb on another website about this.


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              I think I saw the same forum. I tried 255 and 0 but neither worked. Someone suggest it was the way CT handles 32 bit transfers but I have tried some 16 bit as well.

              Still working on a solution.....


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                Have you tried Wireshark? It is free. And even if you don't understand the traffic very well, you could save the capture and post it here for myself and others to view. That may be very telling. The trick, however, is that you will need access to a managed switch so you can do port mirroring between the 2 devices since you are not really viewing the traffic from your PC. ADC has a pretty good app note on using Wireshark: