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EA9-T7CL HMI Display Capability

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  • EA9-T7CL HMI Display Capability

    The feature I have been asked to implement would be to have a set of specific screens for each machine. I would like to have a top screen that has a miniature version of each machine screen in a grid. The idea would be for an operator to get a quick view of lights and meters for all machines on one screen, and be able to dive into the specific screens as needed. The top screen would be read only, but would need to be continuously updated (not static snapshots).

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

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    you can, add more dev001.dev002, etc giving each a different ip address. Then make up your screens linking buttons, etc to the devxxx. I have a panel in my office i can monitor several machine through out the plant. Is this what you are asking? This is of course through ethernet. Never did it using serial.