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    Though long experienced with the C-More Micro, I just started a project with the C-More EA9. I want to write a number of tags to a USB drive, but can't figure it out. I can write an alarm.txt file that has some tags all concatenated together, but that's not what I am after. Ideally, I'd specify a fragment of a filename "Log X" - the log file would presumably auto increment the number appended to the filename and it would contain:
    Start Date: Oct 24 2017
    Start Time:12:47 PM
    Equipment Serial Number: X56798732
    Asset Number: 372676XC
    Product Name: Widgets
    Operator: FD
    Total Process Duration: 12:30 Minutes
    Set Speed: 18
    Actual Speed 1: 17.88
    Actual Speed 2: 18.02
    Actual Speed 3: 17.97
    Actual Speed 4: 17.88
    End Date: Oct 24 2017
    End Time: 12:59 PM

    Getting the data into tags is not an issue, getting them written to a file has me completely perplexed. Is this even possible?



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    Use the event manager.


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      I don't see any way in the Event Manager to write to a file!


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        Toward the bottom of the Add Event dialog box is a checkbox labeled 'Save file to SD1'. I've never used it so I'm not sure beyond that but that should get you started.


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          I don't believe the C-more allows you to do anything special with filename. It's very limited. We use a Do-more to write to a file and email it daily. Let us know if you find a solution. I value knowing different ways to solve a problem.


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            I have used C-more event manager to email me a text file every night. It includes graph information averaged and recorded every 5 seconds for, 2 temperatures sensors, 3 rpm counters, 1 HZ setting for a VFD and 4 motor amperages. Works well.