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C-More Micro 10" End Of Life advice

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  • C-More Micro 10" End Of Life advice

    I've been working on a low-priority project (that is approximately 85% complete) for a while using the C-More Micro 10" panel. I recently received an EOL (End-Of-Life) notification for this panel (AD Product Advisory PA-CM-008). I'm debating on two options given this information:

    1. Continue forward to finish this project using the 10" C-More Micro (EA3-T10CL), purchase a back-up and store it with other backup equipment for this project.
    2. Bite the bullet, change over to a new panel (I was thinking of the 10" widescreen C-More panel, EA9-T10WCL).

    I had originally chosen the 10" micro panel for its large size and reasonable price tag. The extra buttons on the side are nice for screen changes, but that is not a show-stopper. One advantage I see would be improving the overall presentation, as the C-More has internal programming for button blinking/flashing. I had to setup some DoMore ON/OFF cycling to simulate this feature on the micro.

    Any thoughts/insights/suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I personally would not want to be placing an obsolete product on someone else's new equipment.

    I would probably bite the bullet, and use the panel on a project for myself, or a project that has a known short lifecycle.

    The EA9 panels have served me well on all the projects where I've used them. I've never used a micro. Their cheaper cost always seem to fade away when I look at the increased programming time to make up for their limited functionality.
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      For reference, this is for equipment internal to my company.

      "...would not want to be placing obsolete product on ... new equipment". I think that drives home the decision for me to change the panel to a EA9-T10WCL. I've been leaning towards converting to EA9 as I was writing this original post, but I still posted to dip my toe into the pool of reality.

      Thanks for the feedback! I guess it's off to manually converting my program to C-More.


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        May 21, 2014 to Jan 2018, is less than 4 years. That's a scary short life cycle, especially knowing we have sold these. The suggested replacement is more like drop through the original mounting hole, software must be purchased, HMI must be reprogrammed from scratch. The resolution on the EA9-T10WCL is higher in X, same in Y, but the display area size in inches on the EA3-T10CL is 30% greater in height. That's some serious "can you see me now?"

        The EA9-T10CL will fit in the same hole it appears, but the screen is 43% higher in cost, without counting software or programming it all over again.

        I can't find hide nor hair of that product advisory, though it does say they are limited to stock on hand. I wonder if they are holding any back for the 2 year warranty?

        I like the pricing on some of the new screens, but the plug-pulling so early on some EA3s is a bit, well - scary.


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          Mike, I agree that it was a short-lived product. My guess is that they were hoping to fill a niche and it really didn't pan out (i.e. much lower sales than intended). The reasons could be what plcnuts pointed out: cheaper cost vs. limited functionality for a color screen of that size.

          For my particular application, it's an internal system, and because I haven't finished it yet, as well as it being a back-burner/low priority project, I can take the plunge and make the switch now (I already have a license of the C-More program, so that's less of an issue in my instance). I have an EA9-T10WCL en route to me now to play around with. It may cause me to change my layouts depending on the "can you see me now" difference in physical height.

          I've attached a PDF of the email I received regarding this panel for reference.
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            The pdf says it is due to "component obsolescence". The manufacturer was probably using a chip that is no longer available.
            Circumstances don't determine who we are, they only reveal it.
            Jason Wolthuis


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              I saw that in the email bgirouard posted after I found nothing on the site or online. Nevertheless, for industrial controls, it is an unpleasant place to be sourcing a product, to a customer, that did not have a plan in place for support. It puts a real kink in the whole trust thing, up and down the line.


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                Originally posted by plcnut View Post
                The pdf says it is due to "component obsolescence". The manufacturer was probably using a chip that is no longer available.
                Nah, they ran out of (QC PASSED) stickers. J/K