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Remote access problems.

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  • Remote access problems.

    Helllo. I am setting up a PLC and HMI as a display for some of our upcoming open houses for our business, Just need to Be able to show off a few of our programs and what our controllers can do for the customer. I am not sure if this can be done but i have a 6in display and i am also wanting to be able to mirror the screen and be able to view it and control it from the laptop. I have the laptop connected through Ethernet to the screen. I can type in the screens IP address and The C more remote access screen comes up. When I click on one of the options it ask for a user name and password, but when i enter the information in it says user name and password invalid. I have double checked the user name and password in my settup and also have tried turning it off. Am i missing something here or is it not possible to access it this way Thanks for the help.

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    I did this recently and it worked as you expected, you have to go to Setup>Panel Network>Remote Access, Check "Remote Access Server Function", then set up the user account, on Permissions Tab select Full control, then download to the HMI.
    When you try to log in I think it provides you with a file that you have to open and thru that you gain access to the screen.
    I was able to control everything on my laptop that I could do from the HMI.


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      Thanks, I think i figured it out. i wasnt putting in the right account info under the user name. Thanks for the help.