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Bug in C-More Micro v.4.30 - Dynamic Text visibility ???

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  • Bug in C-More Micro v.4.30 - Dynamic Text visibility ???

    I am using the Dynamic text setup in one of my applications on a C-More Micro EA3. In a password protected Setup screen, the user can label the recipes (1-6) with a 12-character ASCII string with TextEntry buttons. This is stored in the PLC (V3010 for R1, V3020 for R2, etc.) It is recalled on the Main screen with Dynamic Text overlaying Recipe buttons. I have two DT labels on top of each Recipe button, one with a green background and one with a gray background (but same String Tag). If a particular recipe is selected, the green background label is visible. If not, the gray is visible.

    Everything worked great up through firmware v.4.10. However, with the current v.4.30 the labels are not consistently visible. If i select recipe1, no labels are visible. if i select recipe2, then the gray 1, 3, and 4 are visible. They just seem to randomly decide which labels should be visible, and aren't repeatable. Meaning the next time i go to recipe2, only gray 4 and 5 may be visible.

    This is repeatable both in the simulator and the PLC (D06).

    Again, with v.4.10, text visiblity for all six buttons is fine. Upon selecting the first button, that button will be green and all others will be gray, and the label on every button matches what was entered on the Setup screen.

    With v.4.30, the colors still follow the buttons, but the text may or may not be visible, and seems to randomly decide when to be visible. However, when the text is visible it is the correct text from the Setup screen, so I know that the communication and memory storage is working properly.

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    I created an entirely new project in v4.30 (rather than importing my original from v4.10). It simply has

    - 6 recipe buttons that write values 1-6 to tag ACTIVE_RECIPE.
    - 6 text entry buttons to write ASCII labels to LBL_RECIPE1 - LBL_RECIPE6
    - 6 dynamic text labels that are visible when ACTIVE_RECIPE=x
    - 6 dynamic text labels that are visible when ACTIVE_RECIPE<>x
    - all tags and values are <INTERNAL>

    Simulation of this project gives me the same results as the original problem. I cannot get DynamicText to show up, other than on the first label. the other 11 are blank even when are active and visible. I confirmed this by using different background colors. Also confirmed that data entry is following correctly in the simulation Data Value screen.

    I can upload this simplified project if anyone is interested in looking at it.