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12" CMore Touch Screen Stops Communicating

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  • 12" CMore Touch Screen Stops Communicating

    6 Month old CMore Touch Screen communicating DF1 Full Duplex -RS232 to Port 0 on a AB SLC 5/04. I just got the panel installed and it has ran for 1 week. Suddenly the operator could not change values on the screen and the screen could not read values from the PLC. I know this because I left an old PV550 on a DH485 network running while testing this unit as we cannot afford to be down. Anyway, I simply rebooted only the CMore by unplugging for 15 secs and plugging back in. The RS-232 run is about 20 ft. Max and is running at 9600 baud, parity None, 1 stop bit, No handshaking, Error CRC, ack timeout 50 nak retries 3, retries 3 in the PLC and 9600, None, 1, CRC, Timeout 30, Poll time 0. Other than the difference in Timeout, what could be doing this. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Is the screen saver enabled on the panel?
    I had screens do things while the screensaver was enabled.
    1. WHITESCREEN - did not respond
    2. WHITESCREEN - did respond
    3. BLACKSCREEN - did not respond
    4. BLACKSCREEN - did respond ------HMM! Could this have been a screensaver in action?
    5. STUCKSCREEN - did not respond
    6. STUCKSCREEN - did respond

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      Truthfully I can't remember if screen saver is on or not. I don't remember how to activate it. However, that being said, the screen will change pages you can attempt to change values in a numeric entry and you can press enter, however no value ever changes. So I am assuming that the screen saver is not the issue.


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        Probably not screensaver then.