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  • CMORE logging issues

    Hi good people.

    New to these panels. Generally nothing but praise. Remote access is easy and beautiful. I'm using a EA9-T10WCL.

    On to the quesitons:

    I'm trying to log the temperatures of some tanks and their setpoints over time. There are two odd things going on:

    1. On the line trend graph, it's not logging the right number. The setpoints are all integers, but I'm logging with 1 decimal place. Sometimes (but not always) if the setpoint is, say, 90, on the trend graph it will show as 89.6.

    2. If I connect to the panel via the web server, and go to "File List", there are indeed some logs from when we were first setting the panel up. But nothing since then. On each trend I have checked "Save Log Data". I tried adding an event to the event manager where it would turn on the tag "SYS COPY LOGTOSD1" but still get nothing.

    By and large, everyone has been thrilled with what we've been able to do, and we're still manually logging everything anyway, so it's hardly the end of the world. But it would be awesome if someone knew why this was happening and I could get it fixed.

    Many thanks.

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    1. The log display is a calculated value. it can be off a little bit, this is normal.
    2. The log file is buffered, I don't have the software near me at the moment to check if there is a force write system bit or not. (Not my product line) I don't think SYS COPY LOG will do it.
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