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SLC 500 5/05 to a productivity 3000 via Ethernet

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  • SLC 500 5/05 to a productivity 3000 via Ethernet

    I have a project that i will need to have a productivity 3000 PLC communicate with several lines throughout the plant. My original plan was for the PLC 5's and SLC 500's to go to a control logix PLC and set up that to talk to the productivity PLC. This is still viable option and I beefed up the coms of the control logix PLC from a 1756-ENET to a 1756-EN2T to handle the extra communications. I plan on having the GE PLC's talk modbus and our directlogic PLC's shouldn't be a problem at all. If a line happens to have a Wonderware HMI i may use that to communicate.

    in the manual in topic P259 i saw

    "Tag Based Messaging (used for reading and writing values to Allen Bradley Control and CompactLogix PLCs) and PCCC (used for reading and writing values to Allen Bradley MicroLogix and SLC PLCs) are planned for subsequent phases of this protocol."

    i believe i have figured out how to make Ethernet IP work with control / CompactLogix and the MicroLogix but i am drawing a blank on the SLC. If I recall correctly the SLC 500 5/05 dose not speak Ethernet IP it has a proprietary protocol over Ethernet.

    Has anyone successfully had a productivity 3000 communicate with SLC 5/05 over Ethernet.

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    ops i posted in the wrong area can this be moved to comunications


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      The Micrologix and SLC 5/05 would be configured in the same way: using Explicit Messaging. However... they would both need to be 'new' enough to support this. I think the SLC 5/05 needs to be series C FRN 10. Not sure about the Micrologix. You should be able to check and see if the RS Logix 500 will let you include an Explicit Message instruction for the PLC versions that you have.


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        When looking at the program to try to set up the MSG instruction it didn't have the same options that the micrologic PLC that I tried with. I work the night shift so I don't have the program in front of me to see the series and firmware version


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          I think i have it figured out. On RSLogix 500 in the micrologix PLC program it uses the MSG instruction. In RSLogix 500 in the SLC 500 PLC program it is not in the MSG instruction. it is in the EEM instruction that is in the Input/Output tab all the way to the right and cut off so you can only see the beginning of the E