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ViewMarq Modbus TCP addressing - Inductive Automation Ignition

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  • BobT65

    Command Strings are written to the ViewMarq Command String buffer starting at Modbus Registers 411000 (up to 256 words).

    It looks like 400200 is to write to a String Variable which is embedded in the ASCII string. So you can change part of a message and not write the whole thing if you wish. I am pretty sure if you put the ASCII string created with the software into Modbus address 411000+ and end it with a $0D it will work. I think chapter 7 is your key.

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  • ViewMarq Modbus TCP addressing - Inductive Automation Ignition

    All, I am trying out a Viewmarq with our Scada package using Modbus TCP but having no luck. The SCADA package can successfully connect to ViewMarq but not write anything. Addressing may be where I'm confused, as the Viewmarq software looks to be generating 400200...but this seems odd. If I am writing a string to the ViewMarq...what Modbus address should I use?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!