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C-More for data display?

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  • C-More for data display?

    Hello there i've been strugling with this for several months so plz someone help me.

    I got this c-more touch panel EA7-T8C in which i want to display some data, i have the panel connected via ethernet to a PC, where data is being collected, and currently i am writting to a c-more recipe, file via FTP.

    the in the c-more program i have multiple bar graphs connected to tags, these tags are being loaded with data from the recipe, so an alarm loads these data every second.

    my problem is that it always says "writting" and its a very slow process.. is another way to do this kind of thing?

    another thing is can the limits of a bar graph be dinamic, becuz some data varies from 150 to 150.1 but in other time varies from 10 to 200 in the same tag, if i put a low limit of 0 and a top limit of 200 the changes from 150 to 150.1 wont be noticeable, so is there any way to put dynamic limits to thes bar graphs?

    Thank you