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  • C-More String Handling

    Is it possible to use the value of a tag to compose a string for something like forming a path name or file name for a log file destination FTP folder?

    For example, if I have 10 C-More's monitoring 10 separate processes, yet logging data to one remote FTP server, I'd like to be able to differentiate the log files in some way
    OTHER than having a different configuration for each C-More.

    I'd like to use a tag value, which identifies the C-More in question, to either modify the log file name, or destination folder for the log files. However, in reading the the C-More documentation, I can't see as there is an easy way to do this, even the log file names are automatically generated.

    I can't be the first person who's tried to do this, suggestions?


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    C-mores don't seem to have the level of flexibility that you (and I) are looking for. For example, the email service has to be written to each panel as part of the project, so you can't later change the email sender by updating a PLC address.

    I also wonder if I'm the only person who has tried certain things. I think the answer may be yes, due to the relatively lower user-base the C-more must have when compared with other manufacturers.