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Is there a way to keep 5.xx versions with 6.xx versions on the same laptop?

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  • Is there a way to keep 5.xx versions with 6.xx versions on the same laptop?

    Like the title says. We have many Cmores in the field going back to the EA7s with V2.60. Seems every single HMI we purchase has a different software/firmware version. If any of the old EA9 panels need software changes in the field I am hesitant to update the firmware, say from V5.00 to V6.XX for fear of unexpected consequences. (Hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it!)

    When loading the software on the computer, versions of 5 are supposed to be uninstalled before loading 6, which I did not do. As is known they don't play nice together. Is there a way to make them get along? Do I have to have two programming laptops, one with versions of 5 and one with versions of 6?

    Can AD guarantee that updating any EA9 panel having any version of 5 firmware to the latest version of 6 will cause no issues what so ever?

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    Virtual machine software.

    as for AD making any statement wrt v5 and v6 coexisting peacefully, I'd say that they already have when they said to uninstall v5 before installing v6.


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      Thanks for the reply kewakl. I can't help but wonder what other people do to manage the endless versions of the CMore software. Do they normally upgrade the firmware in older panels when programming changes are needed? Do they downgrade the firmware in a new panel when it is a replacement for an existing panel that has been is service for years? Hence my question if AD will stand behind updating the older panels having V5.xx to the latest software version du jour?


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        Ibsft, I just do the upgrades. It is not big deal for me. Easy to do. It guides you through and since I use ethernet, doesn't take long. At least AD upgrades and keeps improving and updating, FREE of course. What other company does that?


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          You CAN keep multiple v2 and multiple v6 installs. AD said to remove v5 before installing v6.
          I do have v2.72, 2.78(+sp1/2) and a couple v6 revs installed. Dont yet have time for regression testing- so I support multiple sw revs.