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C-More - Best way to handle pop up windows for user confirmations

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  • C-More - Best way to handle pop up windows for user confirmations

    Hi all,

    What I'm trying to do right now in my C-More application is have the operator confirm that they have removed all parts the work cell before running.
    Functionally what I want the following:
    1) Operator presses cycle stop button
    2) Popup window appears asking if all parts have been cleared in all stations. (button options and desired functions below)
    Yes - Popup clears, sets parts clear tag to on
    No - Popup window clears - displays alarm - "Please remove all parts"
    Cancel - Closes window - no other function

    So far I'm floundering and while I normally don't mind figuring these things out the hard way I'd really like some help if anyone can provide guidance on which objects to use and in which way because so far I have no been able to figure it out. I have a hunch that what I will end up needing to do is handle a lot of the logic in the PLC instead of the HMI but hoping there are functions built in that will make this simple.
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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      Logic in the PLC would probably be the easiest/cleanest. You can also use a recipe button. It will allow you to change numerous tags with one push of the button.


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        Make some code in your ladder that when the stop button triggers to set a C bit. That C bit changes the visibility of a button in the CMore. The button sets the same C bit off which will make the window disappear. In order for the run button to be pressed that C bit must be off. No need for yes no confirmation boxes. Even if you set that up operators would skip pressing no no matter what was going on with the machine.


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          Mike thats a good idea and basically what I had been working on but hadn't considered not having a No button.

          Thanks guys.