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CMore EA9 Locking Up or going Blank

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  • CMore EA9 Locking Up or going Blank

    Tried looking for this, but nothing seemed to address or answer my question. I have a CMore Model EA9-T12CL. Has been running now for about 6 months or so. Our night shift operator says that the unit would Lock Up or Go Blank. He is suggesting that it is heat related. It is in a Console with terminals only in it. The hottest part of the day is not during our night shift so I do not suspect heat to be the issue. Also, it has not happened during our day shift. It is running Firmware 6.13. Did this firmware have any issues like this? It has its own power supply on the back. It is a part number EA-AC. Does this power supply have any issues? Power Cycle seems to fix it immediately. Which also makes me think it is not heat.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    This issue has popped up several times over the years. I thought it was resolved. Personally I do not use the EA-AC anymore. I had issues in the past. For what it cost, I use a separate 24v power supply for my HMI. Have not had any issues since then.


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      Does the panel have the screensaver enabled? it will make the panel appear blank. In the programming software open the project and go to Setup -> Panel Manager -> Start Screen Saver. If this field has a value other than zero the panel will turn off the backlight after the appropriate amount of time.
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        You can grab the Readme File here: It looks like 6.14 fixed a bunch of memory leaks. May be releated, I'd read each one and see if any applies to your project.


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          I don't have any comment on ea9 and screensaver, but ea7 with screensaver (and coincidently PAC ETHERNET driver) has caused me significant headache in the past.
          On this forum you can find some of my sw/fw/screensaver setups that have whitescreened/blackscreened --responsive/unresponsive result.
          I have given up on screensaver with ea7.
          Now I am seeing screen image burnin.

          A/D please v2.78 sp3 add
          screensaver fix
          click ethernet driver.


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            I have an EA7 that I apparently put some really high number in for the screensaver timeout setting. It's been running for about six years without ever going into screensaver mode but about three weeks ago the operators called and said it was blank. Cue me panicking for about two hours trying to find the install files for the software as I don't have my old laptop anymore and haven't used the 7 series for a long time. Could have saved myself some trouble by just touching the darn thing.

            On the bright side I dove deeper into my server files than I have been in a long time.


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              2.78sp2 is available at ad download page.
              others are available if you know (and type in) the link. The links are not published, but the sw is still there. Just have your cd key ready.
              Just verified 2.72 and all 2.78 (3revs) are available