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Importing Event Manager XLS file into C-More

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  • Importing Event Manager XLS file into C-More

    I have been having a very frustrating time importing event manager files. I finally figured out how to import Alarms, Emails and screen capture. The alarms and emails have embedded tags and the emails have attached line graph files. BUT some of the emails have attached screen capture files and these ones won't import, sometimes C-More says attached file has a wrong character I think it is and sometimes just nothing and won't import. I have tried importing the screen capture file first and then the email, didn't work, I have tried importing the email without the screen capture attachment, didn't work. Basically I could get the email or the screen capture to import but could not get them both, and could not get emails with attached screen capture files to import at all. I exported a test I had set up for one tag, then deleted the tag and tried to import it, that didn't work either. Frustrating. Next I need to migrate this project to a SCADA server and would love to import the databases and screens to Indusoft if anyone has tried that?

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    I have an update, I configured the event manager, alarms (with TAG embed), screen capture and emails with TAG embed, line graph attachments or screen capture attachments. After deleting the events I can import the file, everything except the screen capture attachments, I get an attachment invalid character error for the screen capture attachment.