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What tag? C-More reading from SOLO

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  • What tag? C-More reading from SOLO

    I'm trying to set up four PID Faceplate Bar Meters using C-More Ver 2.77 to communicate with a network of four SOLO 4848-CR temperature controllers. I have the network running and can read parameters such as PV, SP, Output, etc. However, I can't find the memory address for "Mode Bit" in the "Mode and Alarm Tag" box in the PID Faceplate Bar Meter set up box. I assume it will display Auto or Manual.

    I'm using ther AutomationDirest SOLO Temp Controller driver, which gives me a list of pre-determine tag names to select from. From the list, i have been unable to determien which tag to use for the "Mode Bit" .

    Can anyone help?

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    P3_5_Ctrl_CONTROL_MODE note that they are sorted alphabticaly in the drop downs list, so P3_3 comes AFTER P3_23...

    It is not bit register, it is a 16 bit register though it would seem only two bits are used, posible values are:
    0 = PID control
    1 = On / Off control
    2 = Manual control
    3 = Ramp / Soak

    Since the PID faceplate wants a bit register, you might use the event manager to set internal bit registers e.g. if Solo_mode = 2, turn ON internal bit tag for "manual"

    Edit: techme has a good idea, you could probably do a lot better making your own display than using the prebuilt faceplate. Even if you do prefer the prebuilt object, one option would be to place a multistate text box over the mode indicator and program it to dispaly all the posible SOLO modes using the P3_5_Ctrl_CONTROL_MODE tag. You would chose some dummy tag for the mode indicator to suppress the tag required message, or, if you won't be changing modes, just use a dummy tag and then ignore the mode indicator
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      We created a cmore project that basically mimics the solo controller.(See attached project) The "Mode" on the PID faceplate does not align with any specific parameter in the SOLO. You could use it for any bit tag I guess. Unzip the attached file and open the project.
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