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  • C-More Pass Through Question

    Hello all, forgive my ignorance but I looking to add a second C-more EA9-T8CL to my existing system in the pass through mode and would love some advice.

    This device currently uses a GE90-30 PLC and my touchscreen is connected to the CPU via the front serial port using the standard GE protocol. This system has been up and running flawlessly for years. Had a request today to add a second touch screen for operator convenience located 20 ft away from the main screen. Alas, I am but a novice in plc programming, mostly old GE's and Clicks. All of my experience with touch screens to date have been using the serial connections.

    I can usually fake my way through, but this one has me a bit stumped as I am no network guy.

    Looking through the C-More help files, I am thinking that I cant just talk panel to panel, that they must talk through an existing Ethernet set up.

    If this is true, this device is not currently using any sort of Ethernet network. Do I need to setup a standalone Ethernet hub in order for these two panels to talk, and if so, how the heck does one do that, or is there a trick I am missing for a direct line of communications between the server and client touchscreens.

    Thanks in advance for your time, and if y'all do have any advice, please water it down for dummies!


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    From my experience you do not need a hub. I have connected them directly to each other. But both panels must have IP Addresses on the same Subnet, for example Panel #1 = and Panel #2 =, Subnet mask means both panels have a subnet of

    Select the Correct PLC Protocol then select Pass Though and select the IP Address of the first panel.


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      Thank you for your quick reply Mr. Bob. That sounds great. I will be trying this out within the next few weeks, as I do not have my second panel yet. I will let you know how it goes.


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        Received the second panel today, it is installed and running. Thank you Mr. BobT65!