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Cmore 6.41 - Remote Link List editor

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  • Cmore 6.41 - Remote Link List editor

    Hi All, not sure if I'm the only one seeing this. I manage multiple installations with Cmore HMIs, some with more than one Cmore behind a cell router so same IP but different port number. I would love to be able to reliably do this remotely, but the remote link list in the send program dialog does not edit properly.

    If I select a station and delete it, when I come back, it's still there and it appears to have deleted a different station. Also, when I edit details about a station, it appears to produce a copy of the one I edited resulting in a mess. Due to my mistrust of exactly which device I'm sending to, I'm forced to go on site to update programs.

    Is there a text file somewhere containing these details that I can just manually edit? Or some other fix?