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Is a Cmore the same as a thin server????

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    Sorry for double posting but I was not sure if I should put this here or put it under communications. I put it under communications but am going to repeat it here. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!


    I am quoting a panel that needs remote access (customer wants to turn on and off pumps and look at flows via a web like page), have the panel send a daily e-mail with flow totals and send e-mails if there is a problem.

    I have done local panels up till now but nothing with remote (especially cellular) access.

    I have put up a couple of posts and think I am "close" .... just a few more questions that have come up.

    I am going to use a BRX PLC to control the pumps, read the 4-20 mA signals from the flow meters, do the totalizing and send out the e-mails. I will use a C-more touch panel to do the remote access to turn on and off the pumps.

    Sooooo now my questions:

    My client uses Verizon wireless (no other internet access). This means I can't use the Stridelinx VPN router. I have found several third party modems. I can get a SIM card from Verizon for free if I sign up for a data only plan.

    1) do I need a fixed IP address? I have never used one but it was mentioned to me that I might because this panel is hosting ??? Something about the web must know where to access ?????? I tried to read up but could not find anything on this. It makes a big difference since I then need a business account with Verizon (only way to get a static IP) and there is a one time fee of $500 for the static IP.

    2) since I can't use the Stridlinx, I was going to put a Router between the my two units (the plc and cmore) and the modem. If found a Linksys LRT 214. I picked this because it says "Open VPN Server Support". If I use this router (or one like it), what else do I need to get a VPN connection? Do I need to purchase a service or software or both ????? I tried to read up on VPN's. I understand what they are but am not sure what I need to set it up.

    I appreciate any help!

    Thanks so much again ..... Mike