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How to address stage bits from DoMore to Cmore EA9 ?

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  • How to address stage bits from DoMore to Cmore EA9 ?

    I need to address the Stage bits from DoMore directly like DL06 allows. I have heard of symbolic addressing but am not sure how this would help. I have several code blocks with stages that I would like to display status (discrete bits such as FillStage.S0, FillStage.S1, EmptyStage.S0, EmptyStage.S1 I don't want to have to put in C bits corresponding to the stages. Anyway this can be done?

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    You will need to utilize the Symbolic Do-more Driver in your C-more project (you can have multiple drivers in one C-more project). The other (original) Do-more driver only supports specific data blocks. No structure members. But this Symbolic driver lets you access just about anything.

    Then in Designer, you want to File->Export->Element Documentation. In the Content Format radio button group, select the C-more driver format WITH Struct Fields. This is what C-more Symbolic Driver utilizes. If you do NOT have nicknames for all your stage bits, you will want to check the "Also export USED elements which do not have a nickname". You will probably also want to check the "Do NOT export ALL nicknamed Struct Fields, just those that are USED".

    After exporting those from Designer, import that into your C-more project. I am not familiar with C-more software, but I know that the Symbolic Do-more Driver supports this.
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