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Using a C-More with Kepware

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  • Using a C-More with Kepware

    Basic Question is will a C-More read OPC Drivers from KepWare. I have a computer running a very old copy of Wonderware. It interfaces to an AB SLC 5-/05 Ethernet and Yokogawa DA100-1. These devices all interface using KepWare OPC. I would like to replace the WonderWare with a C-More as we have them in our plant. I then want to take a program like XLreporter or Labview (because they run on Windows 10 and this is all our IT department will let us use). I know I can talk to the AB but the Yokogawa uses the DARWIN KepWare. I want to display the thermocouple readings from the Yokogawa but record them with the Data software. Can this be done or am I just a dreamer.