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  • C-More Password Protected Screens

    Good Morning,

    I set up two password protect screens, using the same group and password. When I try to access the first screen, it will ask me for the password. After I enter the password, and I try to go to the second screen that is password protected, it will ask me for the password again. Is it any way in the HMI that I can stay logged in and navigate to the protected screens until I go to an unprotected screen or until somehow I logout?


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    I do not know a way to do this in the HMI, but it could be done from the PLC.

    Keep a list of screen numbers and access levels required for each.

    Using a login tag in the PLC showing the current level of access to an individual and the current screen number tag, the PLC could change the screen number if the access level is not approved.
    The PLC could redirect to a screen to log in screen or back to the original screen.

    This would only work on screens and not on individual objects.

    If the screen is operating with more than one PLC, then this method may get a bit complicated.


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      Ok thanks. I will handle it from the PLC because I have not found a way to do it in the HMI