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  • Numeric Entry C-more to Do-More

    I've got a EA9-T7CL-R connected to a BX-DM1E-18ED23-D by Ethernet. I'm having no success putting a numeric entry into the PLC. I've tried many approaches like for the past few hours I've tried putting the entry into R10. I can read things just fine. I'm reading form an analog sensor right now but when I try to put a number into the PLC I get "PLC-010 Data size does not match".

    Can someone point me toward an answer?

    Thanks for consideration. I'm new to this one. I can make a click sit up and beg but this is harder.

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    WOW I got it! Number sitting in V10. LOL happy but would be happier if I knew why...LOL.


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      Did you export your used tags from the PLC to the HMI?


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        Hi Roger. I don't think so although I did try for more than an hour. Kept getting an error that said file is opened or is corrupted. I read somewhere on these forums that the Export/Import business might be what I was missing. I will definitely get to the root of that problem.

        Despite the frustration that has come with the decision to move to a more capable PLC this entire experience has been very rewarding. I wont stop still I understand this system! LOL. Chances of success is inversely proportional to willingness to quit...first rule of warfare. No doubt I'll be asking for help again. Over the years these forums have gotten me through some rough roads...three times I think. So thanks very much for your interest.


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          A couple of us guys from Host hang around here all the time, so if you have any questions about the PLC side, we are happy to help. Unfortunately my knowledge of C-more is quite limited, but I'm sure others can help.


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            Thanks BobO