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EA7-T15C V2.78+SP2 Randomly wakes from screensaver

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  • EA7-T15C V2.78+SP2 Randomly wakes from screensaver

    This panel has been problem free for about five years. The customer now notes that it's "waking up" for no reason. My two main suspects were remote access (no remote accesses were logged) and screen change events triggered triggered by the PLC (eliminated because the displayed screen is not one that would be triggered). There aren't any screen change events configured in Event Manager. Panel has dedicated power supply. The issue began before applying SP2 and continues afterward. I'm thinking now maybe bulb problems or the touch area of the panel itself (Yikes!).
    Any thoughts on cause or cure would be appreciated.

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    The panel backlight will turn ON:

    When the panel touchscreen is touched.
    When the screen is clicked in a Remote Access session.
    When an Alarm Action in the Event Manager occurs. (Only when the Display setting of the Alarm Action is checked).
    When there is a Screen Change by the PLC.
    When an Error such as a Communication Error occurs.

    So, I would suspect an error is being triggered. Possibly a intermittent com issue. Call the System Screen on the panel > Information > Error Tab. This will be very telling.


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      Thanks Rolo, I think you're on to something. One of their serial RTUs crashed a while back and now one of their H0-Ecom100s is acting up intermittently.
      Also, am I reading correctly that ANY Alarm Action in the Event Manager will turn the backlight on?


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        It could be a User created Alarm from the Event Manger, but a Runtime Error (RTE-xxx) or a Communication Error (PLC-xxx) will also trigger the backlight to turn ON. I have included an snippet from the C-More Help file that list some Communication Errors (PLC-xxx.) Calling the System Screen > Information > Error Tab will be the biggest tattletale for the offending culprit.
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          Thanks. I went to the site today and noticed all the panel comm alarms caused by the same node; a DL06 with Ecom100 module. Some experimenting showed two red ERR flashes on power up then proper operation afterward. If the panel lost communication it would not regain it until I disconnected the module and then reconnected it. I guess you've solved the panel issue and it's time to move this problem to the Communication Forum. Thanks again.
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